Closing Date: 12th February 2018

OakTree Consulting
Data Centre Lead

Salary: 0.00


i)    Manage services for monitoring system, logs and errors;

ii)   Extract information/logs/error messages from the reporting software;

iii)  Escalate issues/errors to “CLIENT";

iv)  Restart servers/services and any rectification actions where required with prior acknowledgement from “CLIENT";

v)  Perform monthly reporting;

vi) Manage and work with any or all “CLIENT" vendors in the event of any hardware fault, where necessary, where any SLA is defaulted by the vendor, Team shall ensure the matter has been escalated to “CLIENT" and follow by action plan;

Deploy codes and updates of configuration files or settings based on “CLIENT" instructions;

viii) Perform switching of traffic (e.g. from main cluster to backup cluster) based on “CLIENT" instructions;

ix)  Update services, perform regular patching and security patching for bug fix based on “CLIENT" instructions;

x)   Perform capacity monitoring;

xi)  Create incident reporting based on “CLIENT" instructions;

xii)  Conduct half yearly account and privilege review;

xiii)  Reset and change passwords based on “CLIENT" instructions;

xiv)  Provide audit assistance as required by “CLIENT"; and

xv)   Support disaster recovery exercise based on “CLIENT" instructions.

Requirements :
At least a diploma in IT
At least one year experience as a Team Lead in a data centre 

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