Agape Little Uni Pte Ltd

Since its establishment in 1995, agape has grown from strength to strength to become one of the first ISO-certified academic institutions to provide quality childcare and student care services. Agape provides continuity to the wide-ranging needs of parents with more than 200 staff and a full enrolment of more than 1,000 children.

Agape means “unconditional love” in the original Greek language. It is defined as the type of love parents give unconditionally and wholeheartedly to their children. It is this same love that creates the best environment for a child’s growth. At agape Little Uni., we endeavour to replicate this environment to promote learning. In short, agape strives to be your child’s “home away from-home”, both for your child’s sake and for ours, as we strive to live up to our namesake.

With that, we are looking for passionate and committed individuals to join us for a rewarding and fulfilling career join us for a rewarding and fulfilling career.