Mindlab Tuition Centre Pte. Ltd.

With over 60 years of combined teaching experience and located in a professional environment, Mindlab is Singapore’s Premier IB Tuition Centre. We specialize in tuition for IB (International Baccalaureate), IGCSE, and IP (Integrated Program) students intending to go on to higher education programs in renowned universities. We provide only the best IB Tuition support from our Full-Time Teachers. How we provide the excellent support for your child Mindlab delivers on its promise to provide superior supplementary education through personalized teaching plans, systematic teaching process, engaging classroom environment, rigorous topic exercises, provision of homework, continuous assessment, availability of relevant reading materials, and free teacher assistance and consultation. Our approach is exam-centric and we provide a comprehensive support system, which has been time-tested and proven to be extremely effective for our students. Services We provide comprehensive support for students with their schoolwork as well as assist them in accelerating their learning. We also provide bridging courses for students new to the IB system. These are done within the framework of Individual coaching sessions or small group coaching sessions. Our comprehensive IB tuition support system aims to: • Attain at least a 2 grade improvement for your child • Provide the most comprehensive and structured programme available for your child • Provide the most conducive environment possible for your child to complete reinforcement work • Deliver clear and exam based teaching to help your child ace examinations • Ensure that your child receives the best learning material in the form of in house IB/IGCSE centered materials About us Our tutors are all highly qualified and carefully handpicked to meet the high standards of the students. They undergo continuing education and training to keep in line with the current syllabi. This enables our tutors to be able to specifically respond to our student’s needs effectively. The centre aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment conducive to learning, which will enable students fully to realize their learning objectives. We never settle for mediocrity in providing the best education suitable for each individual student. We believe that we play a pivotal role, in supplementary education, in assisting the student to reach his/her maximum potential. A detailed description of our services can be found at www.mindlabtuition.com or email us at mindlablc@gmail.com The programme director is also available to assist you should you have further enquiries on our services. - 98550605