Closing Date: 2nd August 2018

Advanced Business Management & Consultancy Pte Ltd

People Officer

Salary: 2000.00

Job Summary
People Officer is a strategic member of the organisation focused on administering and structuring of company policies. This person will work closely with Directors and the Management to shape company practices. This person must provide support to staff and colleagues to build a strong values driven organisation. The People Officer must remain relatable at all levels, understand and resolve policy fallacies and miscommunication and assist in the align of goals to drive success for the company. This position requires great attention to detail, social and interpersonal skill, the ability to maintain discipline, and to work in a team environment.

Duties & Responsibilities
People Officer focus areas include:
● Conduct Recruitment Activities:
- Develop and manage hiring and internship procedures and process
- Lead onboarding of new recruits and interns

● Active Talent Development:
- Design and manage talent development roadmaps
- Identify and facilitate training and upgrading courses relevant to respective roles

● Facilitate Performances Reviews:
- Design People Enabling Framework to drive success through values and business objectives
- Design the process for leadership to conduct regular reviews
- Present findings and suggest value added to enhance growth of employees and colleagues

● Policies and Industry Practices:
- Keep abreast labour market changes and relevant Government policy changes

● Well-Being:
- Active Lifestyle and Coverage; health activities and employee benefits management

The People Officer position typically requires the following qualifications:
● Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university
● A friendly demeanour and ability to excel in a team oriented environment
● Strong proficiency with Google Apps Suite, BPM tools, Microsoft Office suite (especially Microsoft Excel) and familiarity with HRM solutions
● Strong analytical and detail-oriented aptitude; a high degree of accuracy is required
● Excellent communication, character analysis and organisational skills
● Ability to manage time effectively, set priorities and meet deadlines
● Ability to learn and adapt to change, and understand behavioural patterns, and maintain confidentiality
● Desire and ability to work successfully in a small company environment