Closing Date: 13th February 2018

Heng Tong Fuels & Shipping Pte Ltd

Marine Superintendent

Salary: 0.00


  • Manage all assigned vessel on day to day marine functions
  • Responsible for delivering on safety, security and environmental performance on assigned vessels.
  • Monitor ships as required through audits, inspections or routine visits as needed.
  • Responsible for effective implementation of ISM procedures on board.
  • Ensure readiness of assigned ships for SIRE and Terminal inspections
  • Ensure all assigned ships comply with all relevant industry and statutory requirements
  • Explore and find potential charterers and put the ships to charter market
  • Conduct regular ‘Safety Inspection’ of all vessels and verify effective implementation of procedures/activities and record keeping related to area of responsibility.
  • Responsible for preparation of vessel for SIRE inspection and Terminal inspection
  • Ensure Navigation audit done by master at every quarter, including one navigation audit per year by office staff.
  • Responsible for deck maintenance, Deck department PMS
  • Responsible for shipboard training and Familiarization with SMS Manuals, SOPEP & Training Manuals & ensure that all are kept updated on board vessels.
  • Responsible for maintenance/test and inspection of Bridge Equipments, - e.g. arranging magnetic compass adjustment/gyro servicing/AIS annual test/EPIRB annual test/VDR annual check/ as required by the vessels chemical
    1. Responsible for ensuring Inventory, Upkeep, maintenance/servicing and test/inspection of LSA and FFA on board vessels.
    2. Responsible for supply, inventory and upkeep of all Charts, Nautical Publications on board for updating of the same with latest editions/ amendments.
    3. Responsible for the documentation and record keeping procedures on board to ensure that filing system on board is maintained as per the Standard Filing System
    4. Responsible for Deck officers/crew interview in selection process and arrange appropriate training and certification and briefing/debriefing crew.
    5. Ensure security measures and security activities in place as per SSP
    6. Maintain office publications up to date
    7. Oil Major Inspection/ OCMIF Inspection/ SIRE Inspection
    8. Perform on board inspection in compliance with Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental system
    9. Casualty, incident, personnel accident investigation and reporting
    10. Act as Emergency Response Team member
    11. Deck maintenance
    12. Deck officer/crew training
    13. Responsible for Ship’s security activities.
    14. Responsible for visiting and assessing potential cross charter vessels
    15. Explore and find potential charterers and put the ships to charter market
    16. Assist in operational readiness of 3rd party chartered vessel (mobilization and demobilization)
    17. Attend to suitability surveys prior hire of vessel/ barges and rectifications of punch-list items in time
  • Ensure that related monthly reports from ships are received as specified in the SMS and office record keeping.
  • Ensure office response to Safety Meeting and Near Miss reports sent to ship in timely manner.
  • Ensure all NC, Observation/deficiency reports dealt with and closed out properly within stipulated time.
  • Monitor to ensure that all Emergency Drills and exercises are being carried out effectively. Also observe proper record keeping.
  • Monitor the performance of safety committee for implementing SMS procedures, its reports and its effectiveness in bringing about a safety culture on board vessels.
  • Responsible for maintenance/test and inspection of GMDSS Equipments



  • COO / Marine Superintendent



  • Adequate shipboard sailing experience as Master for oil tankers
  • Knowledge and understanding of ISM Code, mandatory rules and regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and standards as appropriate
  • Knowledge on assessment technique of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting, technical or operational aspects of safety management
  • Appropriate knowledge of shipping and shipboard operations
  • Experience of participation in at least one marine-related management system audit and effective communication with shipboard staff and senior management and should be able to determine effectiveness of SMS by using Internal audit, Management review, assess effectiveness of SMS and able to gather and analyse data from Hazardous occurrences, hazardous situations, near misses, incidents and accidents and apply the lessons learnt to improve the SMS within the Company and its ships.
  • Certificate of Competency as Master
  • Min. 10 years of relevant working experience in a shipping company
  • Experience in ship maintenance, repairs and D.O.C.
  • Familiar with tanker shipping, bunker operations & crew operations
  • Familiar with Classification & ISM
  • Independent, meticulous, good team player, well organized and able to multi-task
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-driven and able to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficient in both English and Chinese to liaise with Chinese-speaking clients