Closing Date: 4th February 2018

Swimming Teacher Institute

Swimming Teacher (Trainee)

Salary: 0.00

Take the splash and plunge into a highly rewarding career!

The Swimming Teacher Institute (STI) is open for anyone to pick up a new expertise. It does not matter if you have prior experience in swimming or coaching – we will train you!

The Opportunity:

  • High potential earning income as a private swimming instructor
  • Flexible teaching hours and location set by you
  • Get internationally recognized certification to teach swimming in 2 months time
  • Keep fit while earning a good income


  • Has at least Diploma
  • Can swim at least one stroke (e.g. freestyle or breaststroke)

What You Will Learn:

  • Acquire strong swimming skills including life saving
  • Joey Lingo -- a proprietary teaching methodology developed with child psychologists
  • Teach toddlers (6 months old), kids and adults on how to swim

Ready to become a swimming instructor?
We assure you, it is no sweat.