Wizlearn Technologies
Closing Date: 4th August 2018
Content Development Specialist

Salary: 2500.00


  1. Review Clientele existing Training / Courses and recommended appropriate strategies to convert to blended or e-learning format.
  2. Review and develop curriculum design to incorporate technology and relevant learning pedagogies.
  3. Supervise the design and development of e-learning content that consist of an assortment of media types.
  4. Develop, conceptualise and edit storyboard that will be translated into finished interactive content.
  5. Develop courseware testing and evaluate courseware based on the approved storyboard.
  1. Diploma or Degree in any Management discipline; Preference is given to degree in Instructional Design, Education, Psychology, Instructional Technology, Computer Engineering or related qualifications.
  2. Possess a Advance Certificate In Training and Assessment or Diploma in Adult Continuation Education (DACE), equivalent or higher qualification from Institute of Higher Learning such as NIE Post-graduate qualification in Education or Instructional Design will be advantageous. 
  3. At least 1 – 3 years working experience in Curriculum Design, Instructional Design, Content Development and Training practices.
  4. Experience in the instructional design process and phases.
  5. Working knowledge on authoring tools, usability and functionality testing methods, as well as course and learner evaluation methodology will be advantageous. 
  6. Candidate should have good interpersonal communication and presentation skills and is a team player.

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