Closing Date: 10th August 2018

Australian Alumni Singapore


Salary: 2500.00

Key responsibilities include:

Membership Retention, Recruitment, & Management
  • To grow and retain associate and ordinary membership through various programs like Partner Universities, Digital Village, and other initiatives
  • To engage and develop key relationships with the Vice-Chancellors of Australian Universities, Local Deans of Australian Universities, and the President and members of Singapore Alumni Chapters president and members

Sponsors, Council of Advisors, & Government Officials
  • To retain our current sponsors and to increase the number of new sponsors.
  • To engage, build, and enhance key relationships with corporate sponsors, members of our Council of Advisors, and Australian and Singapore government officials.

Administration, Events, & Operations Management
  • To plan, develop and execute calendar of events.
  • To exercise oversight over the administration, events, & operations management and service to members
  • To oversee all administration and operation of AAS in areas like
  1. Secretariat support
  2. Communication
  3. Meeting support
  4. Event support
  5. Financial management

Revenue Generation, Fund Raising, and Financial Sustainability
  • To generate sufficient additional revenue (e.g. from Sponsors and Partner Universities) to ensure that AAS is self-funded and sustainable.
  • To increase the sources of revenue.